The company was incorporated in 2001 as a sole-proprietor to develop fuel free power generator products. It took 10- years of R&D to successfully design the first prototype and subsequently field tested for 5-years. The product is registered, patented and branded as (IPG) Intelligent Power Generator.

In 2012 the company was incorporated as Link Tech Manufacture (M) Sdn.Bhd in Malaysia with four prominent Malaysian entrepreneurs to further develop the product range. LTM strives to provide integrated and scalable innovative green product and solutions by utilizing the latest cutting edge technology and recognized industry standards.



Today the company has successfully designed custom made intelligent power generators from the smallest to the largest units. Manufacturing process is rigorously monitored to ensure the highest levels of reliability, quality and safety are achieved, in accordance with key International standards.



Research, design, analyse, manufacture and promote products to residential, commercial, medicals, militaries, industries mainly to reduce carbon footprint, energy consumption, increase energy quality and develop new technology.



Innovate energy solutions to all industries by utilizing cutting edge technology, best practices and recognized industry standards. Through our knowledge and significant experience in energy saving industry, our mission is to reduce energy consumption and infrastructure cost to our client, increase energy quality and decrease environmental pollution.